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United States has long been a world pioneer in research, with the plurality of top-ranked colleges in any considerable international ranking. Few nations have as many prominent universities and Nobel Laureates as the United States. In fact, United States of America is home to nearly fifty of the world's top 200 institutions.

> Universities in the United States are often associated with several patents and ground-breaking developments, providing students with the opportunity to train and contend with some of the greatest brains in their domains.

> Aspirants aspire to get admitted in the United States because of the versatility in aspiring to various fields of study and the broad range of Research-Centric Technology and Science Programs offered.

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> Australia is among the best academic destinations, with a world-class educational infrastructure. Australia is home to more than 1100 institutions providing a diverse variety of programmes, including 8 of the top 120 institutions in the world with 5 of the top 30 student cities across the globe.

> According to reports, 35 Australian institutions are rated among the highest in the whole world. International scholars studying in Australia earn up to $250 million in financial aids, scholarships, and funds per year.

> With refugees from more than 200 nations, Australia is recognised as one of the world's most vibrant and accepting countries. Australia is a combination of communities that combine into a multicultural and peaceful lifestyle. Australia has regularly numbered in the top ten most liveable countries in the world.

> Every year, a large number of foreign students are attracted to the city's modern life style and indigenous community.

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>Universities of global significance, like the University of Oxford and Cambridge University, have a long history in the United Kingdom. With 18 institutions ranked within the top 100 across the planet, the United Kingdom draws thousands of scholars each year, including several from India.

> Engineering, scientific, industry, marketing, Legal Studies, economics, art, and architecture are some of the fields in which it is a global leader. London, the capital, has repeatedly rated in the world's top ten liveable cities for foreign learners.

> It is sought-after learning destination, particularly for some of world's finest minds, due to its prestige and tradition as a global epicentre for the scientific research.


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> Canada's Top universities
Canada has  well-set recognisation as one of the world's best study attractions. Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec are by far the most famous Canadian statess for foreign students, as they are host to several of the country's best institutions. Applying to study in Canada could be an exciting opportunity for those who choose to join a prestigious institution in one of world's most advanced economies. In the QS Global University Rankings®️ 2019, Canada has 26 colleges, 3 of which are among top 50 across the world, and 11 more in the top 300, a distinction, only a few other countries have reached.

> The University of Toronto (28th) and McGill University (33rd), both in Toronto & Montreal, are two highest-ranking Canadian institutions. The University of Alberta, McMaster University, Université de Montréal, the University of Waterloo and Western University are all among the best 220 universities in the world.

> Canada's Higher Education
Depending on the university, undergrad courses in Canada may take 3 to 4 years to conclude. Varying  on the form of course, postgraduate degrees may take anything from 1 to 3 years to complete.  Educational institutions (which conduct study and offer undergraduate & postgraduate programs), community colleges and vocational, applied arts or applied science institutions (which offer certificates, diplomas, associate's degrees, and bachelor's degrees) are all higher education providers in Canada.

> Since colleges in Canada are operated by state governments, there may be few differences in the way schooling is delivered. Quebec, in specific, is distinct from rest of the country, with distinct term times and study duration. For example, learners finish high school a year before and are obliged to take a mandatory pre-university Generalized and Vocational College (CEGEP) course, obviating the need for a freshmen year of university. For more details, contact the institutions you've picked.

> Are you doing a master's or doctoral degree? Get your free online copy of the QS Top Grad School Guide to learn more about graduate school in Canada.

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>Germany has long been recognised as Europe's technical and financial superpower. Since last few decades, German colleges have attracted a considerable number of foreign students. Institutions for professional education can be located all across the country. Students find jobs and reside in the same city because of the proximity of all these institutions to manufacturing plants and numerous research centres.  More than 350 English-taught programs are accessible at German universities in a number of fields.

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In recent years, New Zealand has made significant progress in the field of higher education. This is a beautiful place to stay and study, with high-quality schooling and an unbeatable environment.

> It has a diverse educational system that comprises eight universities, sixteen Technical Institutes and Polytechnics, and a variety of private schools, many of which are renowned for offering world-class curriculum.

> The educational system is governed by effective standard assurance processes, giving you the freedom to choose the university of your choosing, in the city or town of  your liking, and also be confident that you can receive a high-quality education.

> As a result of these factors, New Zealand has become a famous study destination.

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